17 MAY 2023

Our 20th Anniversary celebration was a great success with approximately 180 members and guests attending. Our Deputy President, Hannah Len, opened the evening with a brief address, followed by the Federal Member for Macnamara, Josh Burns and the U3A Network President, Annie Grigg. We then heard from three wonderful Founding members, Lindsay Doig, Heather Wheat and Joan Ashbolt who gave an overview of their work in establishing U3APP in 2003. We cannot thank them enough for their initiative and were delighted they celebrated with us. After the speeches we were serenaded by the U3APP Male Choir, who always provides us with uplifting music, and finally, the door prize raffle draw created some excitement for the winners.

Hannah then cut the celebratory cake, however when it was being carried to the kitchen half of it landed on the floor, adding a memorable bit of laughter to the U3A evening (don’t worry – there was still plenty of cake for everyone!)

The catering was plentiful and beautiful, so thanks to our SpitRoast Caterers, who always provide such wonderful food and service. At 6.30pm there were still plenty of people ready to stay on indicating a good time was being enjoyed by all.

Thanks to everyone who attended and to all who helped make this a happy, successful and memorable 20th Anniversary of U3APP.

Ros Christie, Event Manager

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