Paris Gardens in Spring



18 MAY 2019


Despite clashing with the federal elections, 38 members attended a delightful presentation by Lynsey recalling her many trips to Paris, centred on her botanical passion.


Supported by her own photographs we were treated to descriptions of fields of golden daffodils, crocuses, peonies, tulips in seemingly every shade of the rainbow, magnolias, azaleas and more. A veritable riot of colours!

Many gardens were presented in the strict formal French layout, controlled by box hedging and often in collaboration with water in ponds, lakes and cascading canals. These contrasted with the more casual layouts with daffodils appearing en masse out of acres of grass, and trees in random plantings.

Finishing with Monet’s Garden at Giverny, again with colour, water and very informal plantings I think many of the audience were left contemplating a return to this wonderful city!

Mark Denniston, Course Coordination Team

New Member Welcome Party 2019


22 MARCH 2019

The Hall at Mary Kehoe Centre was the scene of a lively and very congenial gathering on Friday afternoon 22 March.  Almost sixty people – most of them having joined U3APP within the past twelve months – came along to a welcome party for new members.  Formalities were short and sweet, which allowed plenty of time for new acquaintances to be consolidated. Everyone enjoyed the tempting finger food served by Claire Keech and her willing team of helpers.  President Graham Gosling in a brief speech urged new members to consider becoming actively involved if possible – perhaps as tutors or office volunteers, or on committee – and above all to foster the spirit of community which we all enjoy.

Thanks to Barry McIntoch for this wonderful collage from the Event.

Saint Mary MacKillop – a Significant Australian



16 FEBRUARY 2019

In 2010 the Catholic Church publicly recognised Mary MacKillop as our first Australian saint. Mary MacKillop lived a life of service. She was a woman of action. She accomplished this in the companionship of her God and her fellow Sisters of St Joseph. With God and the Sisters of St Joseph at her side she cared for the poor, the orphans, the uneducated, the homeless, the unemployed, the aged and unmarried mothers and their babies. She worked tirelessly for the most marginalized – those that are often forgotten.

Mary accomplished these acts in a very Australian way and in doing so Mary’s service was not without obstacles. She was excommunicated, expelled from the Adelaide diocese and forced to withdraw her Sisters from both Bathurst and Queensland diocese. This presentation seeks to share Mary MacKillop’s story.

Anmaree Iaccarino presented an enlightening talk and subsequent discussion with an audience of 32 members on the extraordinary, selfless and at times unconventional contribution Mary MacKillop made to colonial Australia. She rubbed bureaucracy the wrong way, drew the ire of the bishops but with her Sisters of St Joseph never wavered in their dedication to assist those for whom life’s burden had become too great.

by Mark Denniston

Thanks, as always, to Barry McIntosh for this wonderful photography of the event and to Anmaree.

Hedy & Friends 2018


17 NOVEMBER 2018

Returning from an excellent and well attended concert last year, a disappointingly small audience of 30 members enjoyed an equally pleasing 40 minutes of music by this string quartet, led by Hedy Mameghan through two pieces; the first by Haydn and the second by Beethoven.

Judging by the applause at the end of each piece it was appreciated enormously by all present.

For those interested in the details you can view the programme notes by clicking on the following link Hedy Mameghan & Friends Programme Notes

Mark Denniston – Course Co-ordination Team

Our thanks, as always, for these photos kindly taken by our resident photographer extraordinaire, Barry (Mac) McIntosh.



U3APP Seniors Festival 2018




This year’s U3APP ‘s Senior Festival opened on 13thOctober with the Saturday Seminar address from the Hon Dr Kay Patterson the Age Discrimination Commissioner in the Australian Human Rights Commission. Dr Patterson spoke with passion about her long time commitment to issues affecting older members of our community and how her current role has been for her a “perfect fit”.  She generously gave her time and more to stay on and chat with the 70 plus members of the audience.

Numbers visiting the Art Exhibition were up on last year and the newly painted hall with hanging rails was almost as picture perfect as the Artworks. Watercolour, Artworks, Chinese Ink Painting and Life Drawing were all well represented. The group of artists who work outside of the U3APP were again represented and pleased to see their work on show.  Thank you to Di Gameson, Lea Levy and Shirley Armstrong for hanging this impressive exhibition.  Thanks also to Diana Stock for toasting the artists and their work at the Concert.

The Festival Concert on Thursday 18th was most successful with the Choir and Allsorts performing both separately and together to a full house.  We enjoyed a selection of classical and quasi-classical music, pop, Gilbert and Sullivan, folk and traditional music.  Thanks to Claire Keech and her catering team for providing the “sumptuous” afternoon tea to which we have become accustomed.

You can view photos of the U3APP events below. With thanks to Barry McIntosh for his usual wonderful camera work, and Mark Denniston for the final three photos at the Concert.

Report by Kate Anderson

On Sunday 21 October, at the “Port Phillip Writes” event, many U3APP members were honoured with Seniors’ Writing Awards. Among those whose entries were read out were Jan Harper, Lois Best, Bob Croker, Wendy Butler and Roderick Waller. Award winners included Jan Harper, Toni Ladanyi, Peter Thorne, Lois Best and Bob Croker. Another of Lois’s pieces was Highly Commended, as were pieces from Wendy Butler and Alex Njoo. Authors permitting, we will post their poems, fiction and non-fiction stories in our Writers’ Showcase.

Congratulations also go to member Lesley Greagg, instigator of the writers competition and one of the judges, and to Kate Anderson, also on the judging panel. And just in case you think this gave U3APP members an advantage, entries are anonymous when they are judged. Lastly, congratulations to Pat Ryan, whose work with our two Writers Groups has inspired many of our members to enter the competition.

Report by Helen Vorrath











The Republic of Pleasure – La Vie Parisienne



18 AUGUST 2018

An extraordinarily large audience of 86 members, testament to the popularity of Michael’s earlier talk on Paris and Baron Haussmann, were led through a journey of the development of late 19th century art, music and dance.

Michael contended that the frothy image of Parisian dance halls, entertainers and singers as expressed in the poster art of Toulouse-Lautrec and others was more than just the “naughty Paris” image of today.

For Paris’s less affluent workers, entertainment was provided by cabarets, bistros and music halls. Bohemian lifestyles gained a different glamour.  Amongst the clowns, singers and dancers was the development of a sense of modernity with serious, controversial singers such as Aristide Bruant, avant-garde writers, impressionist artists and the beginnings of modernism. All this led to Paris becoming the centre of La Belle Époque, an antidote to the memories of preceding wars and civil disruptions.

Michael populated his talk with many images of the music halls and the dancers such as La Goulue and Jane Avril, recordings of songs by Bruant and Yvette Guilbert and examples of the posters by Lautrec, the Moulin Rouge the Folies Bergere and the Can-can.

Michael has a passion for Paris and a depth of knowledge that impressed all members of his audience.

Mark Denniston, Course Co-ordination Team

Murder on her Mind



21 JULY 2018

Vikki has written over a dozen Australian true-crime books, perhaps her best known is that centred on the Frankston serial killer, Paul Denyer.

Her strong focus on the human element of crime has earned her multiple awards and accolades and it was this aspect of her work that she presented on Saturday. She is a highly entertaining speaker who handles her involvement with the Victorian Police with a professional standard that has given her close access to and respect from the Force.

Keeping her talk around three of her books – the Frankston Murders and their perpetrator, the unsolved Phillip Island murder and a biography of the legendary “old school” copper Brian “The Skull” Murphy. Interspersing the bloody details with her humorous anecdotes and asides, and always thought-provoking, Vikki kept the audience totally engrossed; at times shocked then laughing out loud.

An hour seemed to pass in a few minutes, the 42 members giving Vikki a sincere and well-deserved applause.


Mark Denniston, Course Co-ordination Team

Tutors and Volunteers Thank You Party 2018


25 JUNE 2018

The Tutors and Volunteers Party on 25thJune, with around 80 attendees, was most successful and provided an enjoyable opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

It was pleasing to see so many of our tutors in attendance this year.

Our Vice president John Craven thanked all of the tutors and volunteers for their ongoing commitment and generosity.  As our membership and number of courses continue to grow so also does the percentage of members volunteering in some way. Whilst he noted that it was not possible to list individual contributors, John specifically mentioned that of Colin Jones for his many years of informing and entertaining with his “Tales of the Sea” and that of Di Gameson with her seamless catering for events over many years.

Mention also was made of the generous ongoing support given to our U3A by the City of Port Phillip.  The freshly painted hall looked splendid and the balloons and glitter added to the celebratory vibe.

Finally a thank you is due to Claire Keech and her catering team for the sumptuous and calorific afternoon tea and, as always, to our photographer Barry McIntosh.

Kate Anderson for Words and Barry McIntosh for Photos












A Writer’s Journey



19 MAY 2018

Arnold Zable, the acclaimed writer, novelist, storyteller and human rights advocate held a large Saturday afternoon audience spellbound as he let us into some of the secrets of a writer’s craft. He took us on a journey from Carlton, where he grew up, to the Greek Island of Ithaca, where his wife’s family were born. Arnold illustrated his talk by reading extracts from several of his novels including the best-selling Cafe Scheherazadeand the multi award winning Jewels and Ashes.

Enthusiastic members of the audience continued with questions and discussions over tea and coffee as Arnold signed copies of his novels.

A memorable afternoon at U3A Port Phillip! We are happy that Arnold has agreed to come back next year for another Saturday Seminar.

Geoff Levy


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