Movers and Shapers

In 2011 – 2012, Legends in your Lunchtime / In Conversation sessions were introduced by José Simsa. The objective of the series was to help younger and older people alike gain a better understanding of the contribution that older people have made, and continue to make to society, and to appreciate the on-going role they play in shaping public opinion and policy. The sessions were held in the South Melbourne Town Hall to packed and enthusiastic audiences.

The speakers were a varied and very interesting group and included Michael Gawenda, Beth Gott, Bernard Richter, Jenny Love, Mary Lou Jelbart, Barry Jones, Mirka Mora, John Hirst, Shirley Shackleton and concluded with José Simsa.

The popularity of the series motivated U3APP to publish the 2010 conversations in both book and CD form, Movers and Shapers.  A copy is in the State Library.

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