Recordings of Public Events

U3APP public events are held on Zoom and recorded. To view the recording of a previously-held U3APP public event, click on “recording” beside the event. Events are listed in reverse chronological order.
  • Saturday Seminar 16 March 2024 – A Famous Sri Lankan Garden recording
  • Saturday Seminar 17 February 2024 – Victoria’s Transition to Electric Vehicles recording
  • Saturday Seminar 18 November 2023 – Recent Discoveries in the Solar System recording
  • Saturday Seminar 16 September 2023 – Diseases Medicines in Shakespeare’s Plays  recording slides presented by Louis Roller
  • Saturday Seminar 19 August 2023 – Artificial Intelligence: Hype and Reality   recording
  • Saturday Seminar 15 July 2023 – Trump’s Australia recording
  • Saturday Seminar 17 June 2023 – What does “World Heritage” mean? Berlin’s Museum Island recording
  • Saturday Seminar 13 May 2023 – A Life in Botanic Gardens recording
  • Saturday Seminar 15 April 2023 – Myanmar – Democracy in a Complicated Country.   recording
  • Saturday Seminar 18 March 2023 – Is it through politics that we define the soul of a nation? recording
  • Saturday Seminar 18 February 2023 – Germany after Merkel recording
  • Saturday Seminar 19 November 2022 – Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency  recording
  • Saturday Seminar 22 October 2022 – Picasso Part 2 recording
  • Saturday Seminar 8 October 2022 – The Uluru Statement and a Voice to Parliament recording
  • Saturday Seminar 17 September 2022 – Are we there yet: has the change of Government ended the climate wars? recording slides presented by Tony Wood
  • Saturday Seminar 20 August 2022 – Prospects for the Albanese prime ministership in a changing political landscape recording
  • Winter Special Seminar 6 August 2022 – The Picasso Century recording
  • Saturday Seminar 16 July 2022 – Metaverse: the next internet recording
  • Saturday Seminar 18 June 2022 – China Problems and Prospects  recording
  • Saturday Seminar 28 May 2022 – The Story of a House: the Mary Kehoe Centre recording
  • Saturday Seminar 23 April 2022 – French Impressionism Part 2  recording
  • Saturday Seminar 19 March 2022 – What does it take to be the Australian school of the year? recording
  • Saturday Seminar 19 February 2022 – Slow travel: walking our timeless land recording
  • Saturday Seminar 20 November 2021 – French Impressionism, featuring paintings from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston recording
  • Saturday Seminar 9 October 2021 – How technology and science are informing Victoria’s COVID response recording slides presented by Gerard Mansour, Commissioner for Senior Victorians
  • Saturday Seminar 18 September 2021 – A Remarkable Woman: Zoe Caldwell recording
  • Saturday Seminar 21 August 2021 – Art Deco Furniture and Jewellery recording
  • Saturday Seminar 17 July 2021 – Beyond the Hero Leader recording
  • Saturday Seminar 19 June 2021 – Angela Merkel – The woman who remade German Politics recording
  • Saturday Seminar 15 May 2021 – Australian Indigenous Art – from ancient times to a global contemporary art movement recording
  • Saturday Seminar 24 April 2021 – What is to be done: Political engagement and saving the planet recording
  • Saturday Seminar 20 March 2021 – A life in Crime recording
  • Saturday Seminar 20 February 2021 – New Tricks or Old Tricks made new for a healthy old age – ways to go well into the Third Age. recording Jane’s podcasts
  • Saturday Seminar 21 November 2020 – Why did Americans vote this way? recording
  • Saturday Seminar 10 October 2020 – The Palace Letters and the Dismissal of the Whitlam Government – Why are they important today? recording . Jenny Hocking’s book, The Palace Letters was published by Scribe Publications in October 2020.
  • Q&A session 30 September 2020 – Fishermans Bend in a Post COVID World recording slides presented by Brendan Coates
  • Saturday Seminar 12 September 2020 – Art Deco around the World recording
  • Saturday Seminar 15 August 2020 – Fishermans Bend in a Post COVID World recording

How to Enrol

On-line: after bookings have opened

On-line enrolments are preferred as this significantly reduces the amount of back-office work for our volunteers.

  • Login to the website.
  • Go to the Courses & Enrolling page.
  • Scroll down to find the course that you are interested in.
  • Does the course have spaces available?
    • Click on the course name to go to the booking page.
    • Click on “Book for this course or event”.
    • You will receive a confirmation email.  Please check your Junk/Spam folders as these automatically-generated emails often finish up there.
  • OR is the course shown as FULL?
    • Click on WAITLIST.

Paper Enrolment Form: before bookings open for First Semester

  • Obtain a paper Enrolment Form either from the Office or by printing an online copy available here.
  • Complete the paper Enrolment Form and submit it to the Office.

The start date for acceptance of paper Enrolment Forms for first semester is published on the U3APP website and in the e-Bulletin. Enrolment Forms received before this date are treated as though they had been received on the start date (ie there is no advantage to be gained by submitting early). On the start date and thereafter, paper Enrolment Forms are numbered in order of receipt.  Paper Enrolment forms are processed by U3APP volunteers on the same day as on-line bookings.

If your enrolment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email.  Please check your Junk/Spam folders as these automatically-generated emails often finish up there.

If your enrolment is unsuccessful,  you will receive an email telling you that you have been waitlisted.

Via the Office: after bookings have opened

  • Contact the office in person, or by email or phone.